Débats BSB

On Monday, the 12th of June, the British School of Bucharest hosted the Middle school Debating Competition “Young Winston Churchill”.

As a result of a draw, our school had to go first against the International School of Bucharest (ISB), second against Genesis School and third against the International British School of Bucharest (IBSB).

The first debate was the motion “THBT organ donation should be compulsory” and our team (4e) Tudor STANCIU, Calin HUSAR, Mara BADICU and Katia HIVER was the opposition. They had solid arguments and they did great, they won 3-0!!!

Then the second debate against Genesis School was about “THBT school uniforms should be banned”-impromptu motion, and our team (Maria CALOMFIRESCU – 2nde, Raluca Furtuna – 4e, Daria LERIU – 3e and Jeremy Mazauric (4e) was the proposition. They won 2-1!

The third debate against IBSB did not go on so smoothly and our team (Tudor STANCIU, Maria CALOMFIRESCU, MARA BADICU) had to be opposition for the impromptu motion “THBT video games create addiction”. The jury decided: 2-1 for IBSB!!!

In the final round, there were 2 mixed teams because the schools had to choose their best speaker and Maria CALOMFIRESCU worked very hard with her colleagues to find arguments as proposition on the motion  “THBT all citizens who do not vote , will get a fine.

And they were the WINNERS!!!

Let’s congratulate this young and passionate team!

Let’s hope they’ll encourage other students to participate to our debating societies and become a formidable force in the senior competition “Sir Winston Churchill 2017 European Debating Championships”- November 17, 2017!!

Simona RADU – English teacher