Winston Churchill Debate Competition 2018

Last Friday, we participated in the Winston Churchill Debate Competition. 

We had the opportunity to debate against English-language schools in Bucharest, but also against teams coming from other countries : namely the English International College of Marbella, Spain, and St Georges College from Luxemburg.

The first debate of the day, the prepared motion, was the following : “THBT the Internet, instead of bringing freedom, has resulted in a new Dark Age”. By tossing a coin, we ended up opposing the motion, against BSB, very strong team who’s been in the final several times over the years. We ended up having a draw.

The next three debates were impromptus : after drawing a motion and a side, we had half an hour to prepare our arguments and speeches, with only the Oxford English Dictionary at our side.

The first impromptu was against IBSB, we were proposing “THBT schools should have the right to track their students during school hours”. This, too, was a draw, surprisingly since IBSB usually vanquishes all their opponents.

We then managed to win against EIC Marbella, last year’s 1st place winners : we were opposing the motion that “Equality between men and women is unrealistic”, the situation being rather comical since each of the two teams only had ONE male member.

Lastly, we debated IBSB again, on the motion that “Artefacts should be returned to their original countries”. After putting up a good fight, we ended up losing and got stuck with 2nd place, the Silver Plate.

It was, for us all, an occasion to get closer, have fun, and make friends with people with diverse cultural backgrounds. The jury gave us valuable feedback each time, which helped us improve, and which will most certainly help us stand our ground better next year!

A great thank you to Katia, who despite her tiny stature is a fierce debater, Mara, our infamous reply speaker, Raluca, hiding her strength behind her calm composure, Tudor, our brave “man of the house”, Daria, who gets involved entirely in every debate, Edelweiss, who made our opponents dizzy with her flurry of words, Renee, ever the diplomat, even in the face of difficult questions, and Maria, with her endless philosophical approaches.

A great THANK YOU also to Miss Radu, Marius Capraru, for getting involved and staying behind us, as well as to Ms Soulagnes, our headmaster, who allowed us and encouraged us to go represent our beloved “Lycee Francais” in front of all those English-speaking schools!

Un grand merci à Katia, Mara, Raluca, Tudor (2de), Daria (1re), Edelweiss, Maria et Renée (Tle), qui se sont impliqués dans ce projet pour représenter notre école !

Un grand merci aussi à  Mme Simona Radu et à notre documentaliste  M. Marius Capraru qui les ont aidés à se préparer, et les ont accompagnés tout au long de leur progression !

Merci également à  Mme Soulagnes, notre proviseure, qui a rendu ce projet possible.