Article publié le 26/01/24

A Journey Through FERMUN 2024 in Geneva

 In the heart of diplomatic conversations and global collaboration, the Seconde Section Internationale, accompagnied by Mme Toader and M Cayrol, embarked on an eye-opening journey to the UN model FERMUN 2024 conference that took place in Geneva from january 10 to 12.

 As delegates from diverse corners of the world convened, the experiences they shared transcended borders and united them in a collective pursuit of solutions to pressing global issues. One of the most exciting aspects of the FERMUN conference was the opportunity to connect with individuals from every corner of the globe. The atmosphere was charged with the vibrant exchange of ideas, cultural nuances, and diverse perspectives. It was a truly immersive experience, exposing them to different cultures that enriched their understanding of the world beyond their classrooms.

They had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of stepping into the UN headquarters where they attended the Opening Ceremony of FERMUN. After that, they moved to the International Labour Organization, where they delved into the heart of this MUN. They were dispatched between six groups, each addressing different aspects of workplace challenges and problem-solving dialogues. It was an empowering experience to witness minds from different backgrounds, tirelessly debating, negotiating, and ultimately, finding common ground to pave the way for progress. Each student was allocated a committee to represent as a worker or employer of Brazil and one of our students, Ilinca Lungeanu had the opportunity of co-chairing as a president of one of the groups!

 Beyond the conference halls, Geneva offered them a taste of its rich history and culture. They visited the prestigious Patek Philippe Museum, a sanctuary of luxurious watches and jewellery. The adventure continued with a boat ride on the largest lake in Europe and its breath-taking views. Wandering through the city’s streets, they had the chance to explore the designer stores and some students even went to France, only miles away from Geneva! This trip was something that our students from the Seconde SI will certainly remember for the rest of their lives.

Article rédigé par Ilinca Lungeanu