The American International Section at the Anna de Noailles high school

The American International Section (“Section internationale américaine”) provides an international education starting from middle school.

The rich international backgrounds of students and teachers at the Anna de Noailles high school is a perfect blend of multiculturalism. Here, we seek to help our students reach their full potential, especially for understanding other cultures.

The American International Section was created in September 2021 for our students in 6ème, 5ème et 4ème.

In this section, students are taught in French and receive specific instruction in English, by native speakers. In addition to linguistic reinforcement, students discover the North American culture by learning about literature and history. This course also will make it possible to obtain an international mention on the diploma in the 3ème year.

The American International Section is both fulfilling and demanding. It is aimed at students who have an excellent level in French and English, show great intellectual curiosity and who can do the rigorous work. Self-motivation is a key element in the success of this demanding section and the American International Section welcomes a limited number of students.

For the students who wish to join this program, tests and interviews are organized at the end of spring term for those already enrolled in our school, and upon arrival for newcomers.

The pen pal program 2020-2021

A pen pal program was conducted with an American High School in Pennsylvania during the school year 2020-2021. Each student was given the email of a fellow high school student and a beginning prompt about Holidays in the United States and France or Romania and how they were different. They were responsible for having several email interactions with these pen pals, then they presented a reflection on their experiences. Most were very positive and many of the students are still in contact with their pen pals today, through various social media platforms.

Sample assignment

Speaking assignement

Our logo project

All SI students have worked on the creation of a logo for the section, by class. After discussing the different elements of several logos, they gave some thought to what should be in the Anna de Noailles Si logo, and started imagining creating one by groups, pitching their finished product to the class.

Each class voted for their favorite one, then students and staff were asked to choose one among the three options. The results are in : logo number 3 is the winner!

The SI logo.

Our latest news

To find out about our latest news, follow the links below. Enjoy!

La Section Internationale Américaine a désormais un logo officiel – (read more)- only in FR

Le 12 octobre 2021, lors d’une cérémonie dans la salle de spectacles, les professeures de la Section Internationale Américaine ont annoncé le logo officiel de la SI.

Le gagnant avec 68% de votes.

Le logo numéro 3 est le gagnant avec 68% de votes des élèves et des professeurs.

Le logo représente l’identité et les valeurs de la SI : le laurier symbolise la réussite, le globe et le drapeau des Etats-Unis évoquent la diversité et l’ouverture vers de multiples cultures.  

Félicitations à toutes et à tous qui ont participé au concours et qui ont voté ! 

SI classes have started ! (read more)

We are very pleased to welcome 6eme, 5eme and 4eme students to their first SI classes, which started on September 2nd 2021. They were selected through written applications and an interview last June, and have chosen to follow a challenging program that will lead them to take the “Diplôme National du Brevet International” in troisième.

Our students will be following History and Geography classes both in French and English, and English Literature classes in addition to the “tronc commun“ hours where they will work on language skills. They will be following the same curriculum as their classmates in all the other subjects, and it is important to highlight that French is the school’s academic language.

The teaching team for this section is made up of : Ms Khurana (History, Geography and Literature) Ms du Boucheron (Literature and Language) and Ms Escaig (Language).

The “médiathèque” (Library) has ordered a series of books especially for the SI. Our goal is to offer a selection of books adapted to the needs of our students and all suggestions are welcome!

In order to give our students a feeling of belonging and to promote the SI, we are launching a logo contest for the section. This is designed only for SI students. We will then ask the whole college and lycée to help make the final choice.

We wish all the SI students an excellent school year!

Sophie du Boucheron

 SI coordinator

The English Plus History /Geography Class – (read more)

The “English Plus History/Geography” class (6th-3rd grades) has been studying the making of a nation in the context of the United States.

The class examines democratic governance and the liberties which are necessary for people to truly live freely under governmental rule. The students are studying documents from American history, specifically The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution. These works took ideas from French and British Enlightenment thinkers and changed the way nations were governed, moving from monarchies to democracies and giving people the basic human rights they deserve.

Students discussed the importance of FREEDOMS and they were given the “freedom” to express what this idea means to them through artwork, poetry, videos or multimedia. We are happy to share some of their works: a drawing by Alexandra-Crina (4th grade) and a poem by Eduard (6th grade).

Poem about Freedom

By Eduard , 6th grade

Let us be free and let our minds fly,

Do not judge where I go, I will soar through the sky.

Let us earn rights,

And enjoy our nights.

We were all born equal after all

We should not disrespect ourselves, at all!

So European, African, or Chinese,

Give us freedom, we please!

Rencontre avec le Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander KOUTSOHERAS de l’OTAN – (read more)- only in FR

Le 14 mai 2021 nous avons eu le grand plaisir d’accueillir le Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander KOUTSOHERAS, de nationalité américaine, Directeur général de l’Unité d’intégration de force de l’OTAN. A cette occasion, nos élèves de Terminale, spécialité HGGSP, ont pu s’entraîner pour le Grand Oral et échanger avec le Lieutenant-Colonel sur l’approche de l’OTAN en matière de cybersécurité.

Le Lieutenant-Colonel a ensuite rencontré les élèves de troisième et de quatrième « English Plus », qui ont eu l’occasion de suivre une conférence. Ils ont mené une discussion fructueuse et favorable à la réflexion autour de la question : « Est-ce qu’un gouvernement a vraiment besoin du pouvoir militaire pour avoir une influence mondiale ? »

Nos élèves de Seconde, DNL Histoire-Géographie, ont aussi accueilli le Lieutenant-Colonel. Ils ont fait des présentations sur les évènements significatifs dans l’histoire de l’OTAN et sur le contrôle des armes de destruction massive. Le Lieutenant-Colonel leur a posé des questions spécifiques sur les présentations, ensuite il a cité des exemples de sa vaste expérience en tant que spécialiste en cybersécurité avec l’OTAN.

Nous remercions chaleureusement nos enseignantes, notre invité et nos élèves pour leur investissement dans ce projet éducatif.

Section Internationale Américaine – (read more) -only in FR

Une mention internationale dès le collège

Riche des parcours internationaux de ses élèves et enseignants, le lycée Anna de Noailles est attaché à son multiculturalisme et cherche à en donner à ses élèves tous les avantages.

Une section internationale américaine fera son entrée en septembre 2021 pour les classes de 6ème, 5ème et 4ème.

Avec cette section, les élèves auront la possibilité de suivre, en plus de leur enseignement en français, un enseignement spécifique en anglais en littérature et histoire, proposé par des enseignants natifs. Ce cursus permettra d’obtenir une mention internationale sur le diplôme du brevet en 3ème.

Riche et exigeant, ce parcours s’adresse aux élèves d’excellent niveau en français et en anglais, ceux montrant une grande curiosité intellectuelle et la capacité de fournir le travail nécessaire. La motivation personnelle sera un élément clé de leur réussite.

La section internationale américaine accueillera un nombre limité d’élèves. Des tests et entretiens seront organisés pour la sélection des élèves dès la fin du printemps pour ceux déjà dans l’établissement, et dès que possible pour les nouveaux arrivants.