We are very pleased to welcome 6eme, 5eme and 4eme students to their first SI classes, which started on September 2nd 2021. They were selected through written applications and an interview last June, and have chosen to follow a challenging program that will lead them to take the “Diplôme National du Brevet International” in troisième.

Our students will be following History and Geography classes both in French and English, and English Literature classes in addition to the “tronc commun“ hours where they will work on language skills. They will be following the same curriculum as their classmates in all the other subjects, and it is important to highlight that French is the school’s academic language.

The teaching team for this section is made up of : Ms Khurana (History, Geography and Literature) Ms du Boucheron (Literature and Language) and Ms Escaig (Language).

The “médiathèque” (Library) has ordered a series of books especially for the SI. Our goal is to offer a selection of books adapted to the needs of our students and all suggestions are welcome!

In order to give our students a feeling of belonging and to promote the SI, we are launching a logo contest for the section. This is designed only for SI students. We will then ask the whole college and lycée to help make the final choice.

We wish all the SI students an excellent school year!

Sophie du Boucheron

 SI coordinator