Hello, everybody !

We take great pleasure in welcoming all those who appreciate writing, students and teachers alike, to give rise to our school literary magazine (written entirely in English). We are equally honoured to publish your work if you consider sharing it.

We also have a special section for a writing contest in each issue of our magazine. If you like writing about funny circumstances or simply reflect upon a certain event, this is for you. Choose one of the subjects mentioned on page 8 (see the link below), grab your pen or your keyboard and start writing! You should submit it to onceupon.a.time@outlook.com, The Creative Writing Department or send it by email, to ana-maria.popa@eleve.lyceefrancais.ro. You can choose to sign it, use a pseudonym, or send it anonymously.

NB: All your works will be read and the best will be published in the next issue of our magazine, after thorough assessment.

Link to the magazine (please select the “two page view”):


Ileana Stanescu


Here is an excerpt. Enjoy reading !

“Once upon a time…

…the sound of childhood. Travel between realms, enchanting forests or sombre castles, princes, princesses, dragon slayers and witches…Is this what defines a tale? Probably. But more than that, this is what has shaped us, made us who we are now. They have been our guide to life, a key to happiness and an escape from reality. They gave us words to live by. They were the brush that coloured our life and that showed us the grey between black and white.

We have grown up with them: Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Charles Perrault, Oscar Wilde, Andrew Lang, O. Henry and many others. No matter the age, we all need these stories. I am persuaded that time cannot change the magic of reading. It never gets out of fashion.

For the last couple of months, we have been really striving to find a complementary way to revive literature in the hearts of the young. And here we are! The next pages have this unparalleled flavour that only fascinating books and stories do. In this magazine, which I have the incredible chance to introduce in the Editor’s Note, we do hope you will find exciting stories, as well as puzzles and comments on interesting facts and events, all imagined, written or recommended to you by our team of young, aspiring writers wishing to make you spend a pleasurable moment reading.

So don’t wait anymore… and turn the next pages!”

Ana-Maria Popa, Columnist and Marketing Responsible